Testimonies and Comments

Chris was very professional and helped me find a great new townhouse for me and my daughter. "Chris is the best"


The cleaning lady  from Monroe home services was excellent. She cleaned my home perfectly. I have them coming every 2 weeks. She even walked my dog i was so impressed. WOW.

                                Mrs. Robinson

I love Monroe Home Service, Chris was very patient with me during my process. He found me exactly what I was looking for. A nice 4 bedroom townhouse with a backyard for my kids and dogs to play. Thank you so much Chris.

                           -Brandon K.

Wow. Chris was just amazing. The first day I took part in his services he was sending me addresses and scheduling me appointments already. Thanks to chris I'm all moved in before the holidays. 

                       -Mrs.Sophia R 

At first i was very skeptical about using this service, this was my first time. After my first phone call with Mr.Monroe i knew he would be able to help me. I had a eviction on my credit and Mr.Monroe still found me a house. 

                       -Gregory J.

I needed to move fast, Mr.Monroe help me move quick. He has a great team. Also Mrs.Tiffany his assistant Property manager was very kind and very professional. Thanks to Mr.Monroe i am finally out of my sister's house.

                       -Candice Brown

Mr.Monroe, Thank you so much for helping find my new apartment, Yes i will definitely recommend the landlord placement service to anyone.

                        -Sonia Blackwell.

The way Mrs.Betty cleaned my house yesterday i was like can you come every week. She was very detailed. Thank you Mr.Monroe for your great team. 5 Stars

                                Alice Evans

I went to Monroe home services on a budget i wanted a 4 bedroom single family house for about $500. i guess i was dreaming.  The Staff at Monroe Home service showed me my options with my super tight budget. i didnt  get the big fabulous house, but i got a cute 2 bedroom apartment and the staff help me come to reality, that stuff cost and you have to work and not be a cheap person.             Shannon McVale